What Is Overeating?



The over consumption of food , in relation to energy an organism needed. Which can lead to weight gain and often to obesity. Overeating is a psychological eating disorder.
A specific episode of over consumption is called overeating.
Overeating is eat more than that is good for health of body.


Buliama nervosa:

Buliama nervosa is a psychological eating disorder which is cheratarized is consuming large amount of food having no Sense of control on eating, which may followed by inappropriate way of weight loss such as fasting, enemas, vomiting and use of laxatives.


Anorexia norvosa:

Anorexia norvosa is a psychological eating disorder in which an individual have low body weight due to fear of weight gaining.


Cause of overeating:

There are many habits an behaviors that could lead to overweight.
The thing is, you can learn to find the triggers of overeating and overeating and then implement a few small strategies to make sure you don’t tend to overeat. Once you know these flash points and how to control them, your diet may remain free.
Alternatively, you may not even be aware that you are overeating by just hoarding food as you always do. As a helping hand, we highlighted the most important things that can lead to overeating.


1): Friends you have:

Your friends have great impact on your diet and lifestyle. If you are out with friends for dinner or lunch, it is difficult to say no when they are pulling you on fried foods.
So friends have great impact on diet pattern and may lead to overeating.


2): Your plate:

Now is the time to review your utensils as this can play an important role in why you eat at every meal. Some of the dinner plates seem to have gotten bigger and bigger, eating on large white plates in restaurants is just a trend, but it can be a big part of the interior.
So, try to rinse your plate and change it to your routine for a slightly smaller size, give it a week and see how it affects your food.


3): your tiredness :

Food may be used as a pick up when you feel tired and symptoms of tiredness can actually mistaken for hunger sensation.
So you need an adequate and good sleeping routine .
Sleep seven to eight hours to make sure you are getting adequate quota of sleep.
Also focus and think the time you feel tiredness more, it may be after work or mid-afternoon sharp.
When you find pattern to know that when you feel tiredness than you combate it by taking healthier snacks rather than overweight and excessive calories intake.


4): when Your are bored:

Many people eating over to till time they are bored or having nothing interesting.
Many people when they are bored and eating they are thinking about problems and solutions, which may lead to overeating.
These people needs motivation and focus on the root of problems to subside boredness of mood. Also need to focus and find alternatives such as call someone, read magazines or just do anything that decrease level of boredness.


5): You have drank:

Alcoholic drank before meal can really distrub your appetite and also decrease your sensation to recognize that you are full. So alcoholic drank have great impact on you intake pattern and can lead to overeating.



6): Eating too quickly:

Eating speed have great impact on intake pattern . If you eat quickly and clear your plate in less than 20 minutes, so are on risk for overeating because it makes difficult for your body to recognize that you are full.
So eating slowly decrease the risk of over eating. There are strategies that could help to you to slow down your eating speed, such as chew food more times slow down eating speed but also improve digestion process. So during eating try to focus on your eating not on other problems.



7): You have already broken down your diet:

For many it may be overeating because you made a mistake in your diet, it may be because you eat a cookie or a few chips, which causes “Well, now I can do it”. This means that when you use this will and stop, you realize that a small mistake (i.e. a cookie) is much better for you than the whole package.


8): To start my diet tomorrow:

How many times you think and said to yourself that I will start my deit tomorrow?
By saying that I will start my diet tomorrow, you are actually saying to yourself that whatever you want eat today. So you are continually saying that and tomorrow never comes and overeating become the norm.
So start your diet plan today no tomorrow.



Sign and symptoms of over eating:

Sign and symptoms are different. People with overeating behaviors may experience one or more of the following sign and symptoms.


1): Eating till feeling uncomfortably full.

2): Eating large amount of food than others eat.

3): Eating more quickly.

4): Eating throughout the day or night.

5): Eating dispite not feeling hungry.

6): Eating alone because of embarrassment about the amount of food consuming.

7): Eating in night.

8): Eating impulsive.

9): Feeling heavy or weighed down after eating.



Effects of over eating:

Overeating have several effects on human body, some are under;


1): Overeating increase the risk of diseases:

Occasional Overeating can not effect your health but long term and chronic overeating behaviors can lead to weight gain and obesity. Some time may lead to cartain disease such as daibates type 2 and heart diseases etc.
BMI 30 or above is a main risk factor for metabolic syndrome. Indicators of metabolic syndrome are high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and fats level, insulin resistance and inflammation etc.
Insulin resistance is most likely linked with overeating because Overeating lead to high blood sugar level and this high blood sugar level reduce the insulin ability to store them in cells, so this uncontrolled level of blood sugar increases insulin resistance and cause type 2 daibates.



2): Hunger regulation disruption:

Ghrelin and Liptin hormones regulatese hunger and appetite. Ghrelin stimulates appetite and liptin suppresses. Overeating can disrupt this hunger and appetite balance, so you starts eating without having hunger and thus cause overeating.


3): Overeating impair brain function:

Study suggest that overeating negetively effect mental function and memory in older adults campare with those having normal Eating habits and having normal body weight.


4): Overeating cause nausea and indigestion:

Overeating cause nausea and indigestion. Stomach size is approximately a clenched fist. When you eat a high and large amount of food and reaches the upper limit of stomach capacity this can cause nausea. In several case this may lead to vomiting due to high pressure on stomach. So the best way is to manage your portion size and eat slowly this may prevent the above sign and symptoms.


4): Overeating can cause excessive gas and bloating:

Eating a big meal your digestive system strained and increases gas and bloating.
Fatty, spicy foods and fizzy drinks such as soda, are gae producing items. Large amount of food when rapidly enters your stomach may increase gas and bloating. So start eat slowly and less.



5): Overeating makes you sleepy:

Due to Overeating you feel tired and sluggish, this is caused by reactive hypoglycemia. Reactive hypoglycemia mostly comman in diabetes patients who administer high amount of insulin but in some individuals it may occur due to Overeating.



6): Overeating may speed up metabolism:

Due to Overeating body tries to break off these extra calories, so you may experience feeling of sweaty, hot and dizzy.


8): Overeating can cause heartburn:

Due to Overeating the acid back up into the esophagus and cause heartburn.


As a result,
Overeating have some severe effects on humans body. You need to adopt appropriate diet plan and maintain healthy habits.


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